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Capturing Pure Innocence

Apr 30, 2015 User Generated 38 Children

This Inspiration is from Alesha. Alesha is an advanced amateur from United States. Alesha is a photographer at King’s Photography.

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About the Shoot

These shoots were just for fun. They tell you about the innocence of a child. It also reminds you to embrace the small things. Children are a gift of God and they remind us of how precious life is. I’m just starting out in photography.

I started 6 months ago and I’m slowly learning. No matter what keep your head up and keep moving forward. Your never to good to learn something new. Listen to the advice others gives you, as it could help you grow. You learn something new everyday.







Alesha’s Photo Tips

  • The best time of the day for shooting would be the golden hour *hint* an hour before sunset.
  • I embrace the natural light and I didn’t use flash or reflectors.
  • SHOOT IN RAW! You won’t regret it, it saves and shows more detail than jpeg.
  • Make sure your subject’s back is towards the sun.
  • Shoot in the shade if possible.
  • I’d shoot 250 (shutter speed) or higher with children to prevent motion blur.
  • I always bring candy or something to bribe them with as well hahahaha!

Alesha’s Gear Bag

Camera: Canon 6D Amazon

Lens: Canon 85mm 1.8 Amazon

Lighting Style: I used natural light


See more of Alesha’s work at http://www.mykingsphotography.com and the following Social Networks:



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