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Have a Terrific Toddler Session

Apr 14, 2015 User Generated 0 Children ,

This Inspiration is from Megan. Megan is a professional photographer from Southwestern Pennsylvania. Megan is a photographer at Midtone Studios.

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About the Shoot

This shoot was what you would consider a “spur of the moment”. I planned this session only hours before it happened and only a day before this lovely family made the drive back home to North Carolina. I wanted this session to be natural in any ways that it could be, with both natural poses and natural lighting. I also wanted this session to tell a story based around the meaning of friendship. Luckily, little Grace is not camera shy in the slightest!

Megan’s Photo Tip

Minimize your expectations – Toddlers are constantly moving, talking, picking things up, throwing things down… let’s face it, not everything is going to happen just the way you would like it to. Instead of writing down each pose you want to set and each photograph you want to walk out with, shoot with an open mind. Never limit yourself!

Use props – I’m personally not a big fan of props but when it comes to toddlers, props are KEY. They not only add to the depth and meaning of the photos, but help distract the toddler from running all around your location. Keeping the toddlers focus can be hard and this is a great solution. Teddy bears, cars and trucks, dolls… anything and everything that little ones love.

Experiment with angles – You can only get so many photos at a straight-on angle that also show variety. Although I do spend a majority of the time shooting toddlers while lying down at their level, there’s always room for an exception. Changing the angles of your shooting can add great variety to any shoot. Shooting straight, 45 degrees above, from the side, even from the toddler’s back while they’re running away from you… each photo will have its own look. Better yet, if the toddler is cooperative you can change their angles to mix things up.


Megan’s Gear Bag

Camera: Nikon D600 Amazon (D610 updated model)

Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.8G Amazon

I used natural light


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