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Lavender Fields

Jul 27, 2015 User Generated 4 Children ,

This Inspiration is from Monika. Monika is a professional photographer from London, UK. Monika is a photographer at Monika Czernecka Photography.

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About the Shoot

My main style of photography is portraiture and my daughter is my biggest inspiration!

The pictures were taken in the UK. I took my daughter to those beautiful lavender fields, just outside London, which is a perfect location for amazing photo sessions. I really love the place and I will definitely go back there next year!


Monika’s Photo Tip

Be patient, let children run the session, be always ready and get down to their level.


Monika’s Gear Bag

Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark I Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Lens: Canon 70-200 2.8Amazon (Affiliate)

Lighting Style: I used natural light


See more of Monika’s work at http://monikaczernecka.co.uk and the following Social Networks:


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