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Will an entry level camera get you professional pictures?

Apr 21, 2015 User Generated 1 Photo Tips ,

Knowing your equipment, shooting in manual and understanding light along with the exposure triangle is what will make you a professional level photographer. – This Inspiration is from Lori. Lori is a professional photographer from Terre Haute, IN. Lori is a photographer at Lori Carpenter Photography.

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About the Shoot

These shots were all taken with a Canon Rebel t5i. Amazon


Lori’s Photo Tip

The question is:Will an entry level camera provide you the quality of images to be considered professional? With the prices dropping on DSLR’s it’s become affordable for just about anyone to join the photography realm. I started into the professional side of photography in 2005 after 4 years of just shooting as a hobby. I upgraded to the Canon 20D at the time I started charging for my photography. After a few years of that I had saved up enough to get a professional camera body so I heavily researched what would be my best option. But what I found is that the professional body wasn’t my best option.

At the time I had my kit lens and a 70-300 variable aperture lens. After talking in depth with the owner of my local camera store, I made the jump into the realm of good glass and purchased a 70-200 2.8 Canon lens  Amazon and a new Canon Rebel t2i. (Newest version on Amazon) The reason I did this was because I concluded that the entry level camera was doing what I needed it to do but my lens was what was holding me back.

I believe my work goes to show that it’s the ability of the photographer to know how to use the equipment they have. All the images in this article were taken with a Canon Rebel. So when you’re thinking of upgraded to that very expensive camera body consider instead investing in some really good lenses and you will see that it will make all of the difference.


Lori’s Gear Bag

Camera: Canon Rebel t5i Amazon  (T6i Available in May on Amazon)

Lens: Canon 70-200 2.8 Amazon

Lighting: I used natural light


See more of Lori’s work at http://www.loricarpenterphotography.com and the following Social Networks:



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