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Air of Confidence

Aug 18, 2015 User Generated 0 Seniors , ,

Beauty is self-confidence applied directly to the face – This Inspiration is from Beth. Beth is an advanced amateur from Central Ohio. Beth is a photographer at Lady Brio Photography.

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About the Shoot

This senior felt insecure about wearing makeup and the way she believes she looks in photos. However, she unknowingly radiates with unique beauty and reminds me of a classic 50’s beauty- full-pouty lips and gorgeous, dark eyes and brows. She looked at pictures of herself and was shocked at her obvious beauty 🙂 That is what makes my job sooooo exciting!

Beth’s Photo Tip

Several ideas seem to help seniors feel more confident during shoots. For this beauty, including her boyfriend, mom, and dog of 9 years brought natural giggles and led to her starting to come up with impromptu ideas. A cheering group of about 2 close people is plenty to help put your senior at ease if they are feeling self-conscious. More than that can be overwhelming for the senior (and me!)

Pointing at the lens when her boyfriend was no longer there and saying, “Pretend this is Nate” made her burst into giggles. Another one of my favorites to try with seniors when trying to get natural laughter is to ask them to raise one eyebrow. Most seniors can’t do this but attempt it and erupt in a matter of milliseconds.

Last of all, some seniors (including this one) feel a bit self-conscious in hats. I’m a big believer in hats, jewelry, scarves- any accessories that make the photo pop and take it to the next level. So to encourage this, we will try “just a couple” of shots with hats, etc. Usually after just a few shots the mom’s go crazy over how cute their daughter looks, the senior gains confidence by your own cheerleading/ praise and then showing them a few pics on the back of the camera is the icing on the cake. Pretty soon they are begging to do more photos and include these fun accessories. This session went over 30 minutes because we kept feeding off of each other’s creativity and excitement!


Beth’s Gear Bag

Camera: Nikon D600 Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Lens: 85mm Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Other Gear: Reflector

Lighting Style: I used natural light


See more of Beth’s work at http://www.ladybrio.com and the following Social Networks:





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