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Brown Eyed Beauty

Apr 14, 2015 User Generated 0 Seniors ,

Posing candid style photos can seem intimidating, but it can definitely be done! – This Inspiration is from Penny. Penny is a professional photographer from Zanesville, Ohio. Penny is a photographer at Penny Claire Photography LLC.

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About the Shoot

This shoot is of one of my senior model ambassadors. During this session we visited a pretty popular park/beach close to my area where we took advantage of some very simplistic scenery. We had fun with a flower crown I had attempted to put together and some other cute accessories like the hat and the suitcase. Emily has amazing thick hair so I was also sure to have some fun with that! Overall this is probably my favorite session so far!

Penny’s Photo Tip

Keep your subject moving if possible and keep the encouragment going throughout! Posing can be so stiff and awkward. To help I like to attempt to create flow from one pose to the other. For example, I might get my subject into a starting possition and have her hold for a few seconds, then I have her make a smal adjustment. I then direct a new adjustment. I keep talking to her and I keep having her move from one pose to the next. The more engaged she feels and the more she is moving and having fun the less likely she, or he, is to feel stiff. Emily was a rock start at this! You’ll find some seniors need more coaching then others though. This means you should practice directing posing on yourself in the mirror. It HELPS!

Something else I like to do is show the senior a few behind the camera shots. This will often get them excited about how the photos are turning out and throughout the session she will be more confident. It also gives the senior the opportunity to address any issues you might not have otherwise learned until too late.


Penny’s Gear Bag

Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: 135mm f2.0

Other Gear: Large reflector disk (white side) Here is a great 5-in-1 Set!

I used natural light


See more of Penny’s work at http://www.pennyclairephotography.com and the following Social Networks:




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