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Get Your Hands (& Feet) Dirty!

Jul 30, 2015 User Generated 2 Seniors

Go the extra mile to get to know your clients and make sure shots are meaningful for them. Do what other photographers may not be willing to do. These meaningful shots are loved by the client and are sure to be sold. – This Inspiration is from Joey. Joey is a professional photographer from Zanesville, OH. Joey is a photographer at Osborn Photography.

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About the Shoot

We met with Emma and it became apparent that she was not the typical senior wanting the same type of pictures as her friends. She is an athletic, outdoorsy kind of girl who wanted shots that had meaning to her. We spent a beautiful evening traipsing through alleys in downtown and the woods behind a local college to get her perfect shots.

Joey’s Photo Tip

Don’t be afraid to get your hands (or in this case, feet) dirty! By taking the time to find out Emma’s specific desires for her senior pictures, we found out that she liked to run specific trails and would often return to these trails to think. These trails were part of her life! As soon as we got to spots that had meaning to her, her face lit up in a way it had not during the rest of the shoot. She was in her element. So while the shoot was off the beaten path, we lugged our equipment through mud and down some damp alleys to get some amazing shots. By finding out about the client’s life beforehand, we are able to include meaningful aspects into the shoot. By going the extra mile-literally-we got pictures that the client loves and that we are sure to sell. It was extra time well worth it for both the client and us!


Joey’s Gear Bag

Camera: Nikon D300s Amazon (affiliate link)

Lens: Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 Amazon ; Nikkor 18-55mm f/2.8 Amazon

Other Gear: 22″ Beauty Dish w/ sock (Amazon Category); 3 stop ND Filter (Amazon)

Lighting Style: I used flash and natural light


See more of Joey’s work at http://www.osbornphoto.net and the following Social Networks:


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