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Trying New Poses

Aug 4, 2015 User Generated 0 Seniors ,

Photos that will last a life time… – This Inspiration is from Ciara. Ciara is an advanced amateur from Virginia. Ciara is a photographer at Simply Southern Photography.

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About the Shoot

This little lady recently passed away and her shoot is now extra special to me. We had a blast the entire time! It was about 55 degrees outside but she was still willing to lay in the dirt and wiggle her body into any pose I threw her into. I feel honored that I was able to take her photos and even better that I was improving with my photoshop skills and didn’t have to give her my “picasa master piece.”

Ciara’s Photo Tip

I used Photoshop Elements to edit. I believe in “beauty editing.” I blurred and colored her skin, burned/dodged her eyes, used the clone tool for blemishes, and sharpened the photos. I also played with the vibrance and the color balance.


Ciara’s Gear Bag

Camera: Cannon Rebel T5i Amazon (Affiliate Link)


Lighting Style: I used flash and natural light


See more of Ciara’s work on Facebook.

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